Monster truck pull and head-to-head strongman competition coming to Convoy in the Park

Visitors to Convoy in the Park at Donington Park on 21-22 July will be able to witness some great feats of strength as some of the strongest men in the country pull trucks against the clock – and each other.

Running throughout the weekend, athletes from the UK’s Strongest Disabled Man contest will be going head- to-head to see who can pull a 7 tonne truck the fastest over a 20 metre course.

Athletes will compete side by side using two trucks with the winner being the first to pull their truck over the finish line.

Drop by to see these amazing men perform an unbelievable feat of strength and see who will be crowned the first Convoy in the Park Strongest Disabled Man!

Additionally, the athletes will put their strength to the test and attempt to pull the Red Dragon Monster truck – which we’ll make even harder for them as it’ll be loaded full of people!

These are just two of the events that will be held over the weekend that will appeal to the whole family. Other highlights will include British Truck Racing and a number of support series – where close racing will be guaranteed. Of the track, there will be live music on both days, comedy, more than 1000 show trucks, a full trade exhibition, funfair and kid’s activities.

For more information, and to book tickets for Convoy in the Park, go to

If you want to book your show truck in to Convoy in the Park, it costs £65 but that includes 2 adult weekend tickets and entry into one show truck category. For more information go to:

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