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Biglorryblog: That’s one very happy Isuzu customer

You would assume that a successful and wealthy retired businessman who is currently developing a derelict boatyard into his ideal residence in Plymouth might have bought many items over the years that he would attest as ‘the best thing I’ve ever bought in my life’. Yet it’s not any of his yachts, houses or even the superbly situated boatyard plot …

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The new Piaggio Porter Range 2011—the full story from ‘The racing maestro’ Gianenrico on Biglorryblog!

Now here’s a man who’s obviously done this kind of thing before—but then the man behind the wheel is the old Italian racing maestro and my good chum on the International Truck of the Year Jury, Gianenrico Griffini, who tells me. “Hi Brian, this was taken in Monte Carlo, during a test drive of the Piaggio Porter with a new 1.2-litre P120 diesel near La Rascasse. But take note this …

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